The Nature of wealth is invisible, spiritual and immeasurable. Money is just a symbol and a lack of it may show where you live in your Consciousness. Humans were never designed to live in poverty, this is a self imposed limitation.

The Universe works on the principle of energy exchange and since we live in a monetary system at present this is what this is. Wealth is a reflection of Spirit truth or Source Consciousness. It is not restricted to just money. It’s a state of Consciousness.

People have been conditioned to believe money is the root of all evil.
Many gifted heart centred people stay stuck and play small due to the baggage they have around money. Struggling to make ends meet. But money is just a symbol of wealth. Just as when apples grow on a tree, the apple is not the wealth of the tree, its the outer evidence of it.
Some people become a

A plant when it’s growing it has a stick that helps supprt it, if it didn’t have the stick it would fall to the side. Humans are similar, there is structure in everything, Nature shows us this. Poor people cannot learn about Wealth Consciousness if they are not ready and do not welcome it. There is so much we can do for others, we are not here to rob them of their lessons. Where possible when someone is in pain we come to their aid, then it is upto them to recognise their infinite power and nature.
When we coddle people we do a great disservice to them, we show them they are not capable of looking after themselves. There’s many ways you can help people who are less fortunate than yourself. Wealth is not about money, money is just a symbol of Wealth. Wealth is a mindset, abundance is a mindset. There are no Dark forces, this is a projection and distortion of the 3D reality. There is only one force underneath which all others arise. He doesn’t resonate with your spirit/body/matrix and it’s not for you to convince people your way is right. This will have the opposite desired effect.