“In the beginning there was the word.” This word was the sacred sound Aum and this is where the word Amen came from. This is the Holy Spirit in which every living thing in the universe is a part of: Source energy or ‘God’ from which there exists nothing and everything. The only thing left for God to do is to separate himself off and play Not-God in the knowledge that his now seemingly fragmented spirit will eventually be reunited with the pure love from which he came from. God will relentlessly create at the expense of everything. His aim is to integrate light, love and creation to all parts of existence where there now exists only darkness.

“Then god said let there be light. And then there was light”.

The centre of the sun is cold and it is only when sound energy travels with loving intent that then it becomes light energy and is heated up in the process. This is what is referred to as the Father which represents pure consciousness. The sacred geometry of the flower of life symbolises this process. At the centre of the sphere exists God who creates a sphere of consciousness around himself. He then traverses to the edge of that sphere and repeats the process. He does this again at the point where the two spheres connect and so forth. This is what is meant by day 1, day 2 and so forth. Each sphere contains a platonic solid with specific characteristics.

God created man in his own image, no more so than in Jesus Christ, the Son. From the etheric realms crops up something seemingly physical. It is now an undoubted scientific fact that all Matter-Madre-Mother is essentially concentrated energy made up of atoms with electrons, protons and neutrons. Quantum physics shows us that electrons, which can assume the role of a particle or a wave, behave differently when observed, proving that consciousness has a direct effect on the ‘physical’ world.

You are the holy spirit- The passive observer who lets life flow through effortlessly- not attaching yourself to the highs and the lows that pleasure and pain brings, and, instead dwelling blissfully in pure unconditional love. This state of being is home to us all and is accessed whenever we are fully absorbed in the moment.

The ego is the root of all evil in the world, yet, is entirely illusory. Being enlightened means moving beyond good and evil. The ego uses pleasure and pain from the outside world to create a sense of identity for itself. You are not your ego; you are the infinite awareness behind it. You are not Joe Bloggs, 56, who works at the post office and had this or that done to him. Come on Joe! You’re God for Gods sake! This is merely a story on which the ego relies upon to survive. Some people assume the role of the victim and as a result they continuously attract events in which they can maintain the perception of themselves as the victim. They’re forever feeling hard done by and always have an excuse for not striving for something more. Some assume the role of the villain and fortunately they have lots of victims to attract into their lives whereby the victim does something wrong and the villain has their excuse to attack. Never give your energy away to the victim. This is merely Artificial Intelligence/their ego trying to lure you in with the warm fuzzy feeling your ego will grant you in your role as the good guy. Look at activists for Christ’s sake. They ‘hate’ the the thing they are fighting so much that it eventually takes over their own life. This is because who they think they are (their ego) actually loves it (of course, egos are Incapable of true love) insofar as they require the bad guy to keep their own illusion going. As a result the bad guy is no worse than the good guy. Both are entirely illusory and a huge (but necessary and divine*) hinderance to humanity reuniting with source. All the worlds a stage.

The first 7 years of our lives create the shape/sets the tone for what is to come. Having just come back from a blissful dwelling in spirit, when we are born our souls are whole with the not too distant memory that we are pure love! However, as the outside world works its black magic, our souls gradually fragment. When you sung at the school nativity and got laughed at resulted in a little bit of your soul being separated and ‘protected’ by a software program. Now, whenever you try to get up and sing in public, the voice in the head compiles a list of equally insane reasons not to sing. The voice is only trying to protect you from reliving that horrendous experience from your childhood so approach it with love, tell it that you’re ready to overcome fear and reintegrate that long lost part of your soul, get on that stage and give it your all!

Our life path has been set out for us as a result of past lives. If a man was a sexual fiend who preyed upon females in a past life then in this life his childhood may be spent as a girl who had an abusive father. This is why it is important not to get too caught up in the drama of life and invest your energy into other people. Earth is training school for ANGELS-ANGLES (of light) and each soul has specific tests to overcome. Upon awakening one can get the burning desire to tell everybody ‘the truth’ and they get burned in the process. This is God saying “STOP! You’re ruining my game!!!” You still have a sense of ego and are trying to change the world from the outside-in and that’s why you end up getting upset when the ego of the person you’re trying to help exposes your weak spots. Of course, now your ego is spiritual and rather than getting angry you are overcome with a sense of deep sadness. Be thankful for this sadness as it is helping you to get closer to the truth!

The ego is desperate for a sense of identity and requires content and structure in order to do so. Content is interchangeable and can be anything from a barbie doll to a gigantic car. Content is the want to have. A child throws a tantrum when a barbie doll is taken away but is ‘happy’ again when they are given the latest barbie lipstick. This is because their ego is slowly becoming attached to the hidden reality behind the barbie brand. The child is conditioned to strive to reach the surface level appearance of a barbie doll with the false promise that it will bring them happiness. Happiness and freedom can only be attained in the present moment. Anything outside of that is a mental concept and is therefore unreal. The vast majority of people today claim that they are working to earn enough money to then retire and be free. This is not true. The workplace has become a safe haven- a distraction- for people unwilling to face the darkness that resides inside of them. Their minds are kept busy with mundane, left-brained tasks and dulled with a monotonous routine which allows no room for spontaneity.