Ascension Report

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share about the current situation that we as a collective are going through at the moment.

At times like this, it is absolutely essential to remember that a multidimensional chess game is being played, and there are currently multiple different narratives being pushed in order to awaken the masses.

At this conjecture it is imperative that we draw your attention to what is currently occurring…. We are bearing witness to what could be called the “Changing of the Guard”, and by this, we are referring to the timeline that marks the end of the age of Darkness- Kali-yuga- and the opening dawn of the golden age; that which is known as the Satya Yuga.

It is very challenging using the third-dimensional English language to accurately describe what is occurring currently as there are so many timelines that are activated at the moment that are vying for humanity’s collective focus. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to remind everybody about the imperativeness of where you place your God given attention and intention.

As a multidimensional Avatar being, your consciousness is almighty and all-powerful and wherever you focus your attention and intention will automatically empower and activate that timeline as a physical practical reality.

The old powers that were knew this and this is why so much time, effort, and fortune is poured into coercing your attention and dragging it into the lower timelines.

Although the white hats are in full control and the alliance has already won this war, this long-drawn-out battle for humanity’s consciousness is still being played out in the lower dimensional realms of consciousness.

We are asking all of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words to hold fast to the knowledge deep in your soul that God has already won, that humanity has been liberated, that the deep state has once and for all been defeated, and that what is playing out is the mainstream media’s last-ditch attempt at massively lowering humanity’s collective vibration through their incessant and ridiculous fear-based narrative which is extremely illogical and literally based in zero scientific truth.

For example, if the governments of the world wished to keep you healthy and to keep their National Health Services from becoming overwhelmed, then wouldn’t we all be reminded of the power and glory of our God-created immune systems, which, with the right environment, food and supplements are able to re-correct practically any imbalance in the physical system. We would not be told to isolate ourselves from our loved ones and wear masks, that when worn on a long-term basis are extremely detrimental to humanity’s health.

But of course, the third-dimensional narrative is not there to support humanity in any way whatsoever, on the contrary; what I can ascertain as an Observer is that the agenda of the deep state is no longer hiding the atrocities and is shoving it in all of our faces.

It seems obvious to me that the white hats are in control but are needing the next wave of humanity to awaken out of their woe-betiding ignorance about the nefarious energetics that up to this point have been governing our beautiful sacred world…..The white hats are wanting humanity to come together at this time…. To unify our hearts and call out this pathetic New World Order agenda that is being pushed on all of us globally at the moment.

I am receiving constant visions of communities coming out of their homes hugging each other and coming together in large gatherings dancing and celebrating our freedom. I am receiving constant visions of law enforcement officers Awakening out of this horrific illusion of serving Masters who did not for one second have had humanity’s interests at heart. I see them putting down their shields, taking off their helmets, and joining their brothers and sisters in celebration of our eternal and perpetual freedom as children of the most high.

This is the fifth-dimensional timeline that the white hats wish for us to be focused on at this time. The power of our consciousness is absolutely unfathomable and Almighty, and when more than one of us come together in alignment with this great vision, that is indeed God’s vision for Humanity. Then and only then do all of the forces in the universe rush forward to support in the Swift implementation and actualisation of this timeline.

Humanity has a duty to reject tyranny, this is part of the original constitution of this sacred land and indeed all sacred lands that we as God’s children are not fulfilling our duties to our future generations if we sit back silently and say nothing about the illogical tyranny that is seeking to control us…

We have an absolute duty to come together collectively and say no, and as the starseeds we have a duty to hold fast and Hold Steady to the vision of this timeline knowing that the more of us who commit to holding this vision the quicker we will manifest and align with the timeline of new 5d Earth.

As we have arrived at this precipice it is so important that we come together in our global Ascension groups during these times to assist the forces of light who are doing mother father God’s greatest work- The next great work that we are all being called together for is the powerful and highly auspicious 6:6 global transmission.

In this transmission, we are being guided to assist predominantly the Pleiadian council of light who need the permission and support of us, the ground crew, to transform all electrical pylons and 4g and 5g Towers into Tesla generators in order to provide the collective with free energy which will free us all on such a profound level and enable us to live the life that our creator intended for us.

We will be working with the higher self of Nikola Tesla and his Venesian allies to accelerate the timeline whereby humanity Rises as a collective out of the illusion of the control of the deep state and whereby we have attained a level of spiritual maturity to be able to work with Tesla tech which includes interdimensional portal travel, replicators, Looking Glass technology, as well as med beds and other extremely powerful off-planet healing technology.

We are being asked to come together in our soul groups and Ascension groups in order to collectively visualise and thus anchor this timeline swiftly for the Collective that we may efficiently move out of this lower-dimensional deep state lockdown agenda.

Please know we are absolutely and completely supported by the highest galactic beings in creation. The time whereby Darkness has ruled over this earth is complete.The forces of light have been victorious. There was no other plan. God does not need a plan B, as plan A has always been –

victory to the light and victory to the light is where We Stand right now as a collective Risen humanity.

It is my greatest honour to invite you, my brother and sister, to come and join this global community to activate all of our grid points on the auspicious 6.6 transmission… Please see below for full details to book, and please know that you do not have to be on the live call to receive the power of the transmission it is just as powerful to tune in at any point afterwards as this frequency will be anchored in the zero point field which is the moment of the Eternal Now.

In Love and Eternal Light


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