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We are now witnessing the greatest story ever told.


Q is an military operation that is mathematically proven to be connected to Donald Trump which enables regular Joe‘s like us to think for ourselves and share our work on a secure platform in the form of a forum. This research board, in which a user by the name of ‘Q’ posts, grants access to high-level Military Intel and helps us to connect the dots, by posing questions and providing evidence, providing encouragement by citing the bible and identifying key figures to whom need our prayers.

The website is a space in which we can finally use the internet to work together in our research and share without the corruption of money. This infinitely complex platform feeds the public arena; particularly twitter. (Q uses key words and timestamps to prove that it connects to Trump’s Twitter)

* Memes cannot be understood by AI and therefore can be shared mainstream without being censored*

Fake News (CNN, BBC etc.) are all provided with the same narrative. Social media giants all use the same single censorship program. We have been analysed and rendered by AI and it knows how to manipulate the mass consciousness. Q is the key to true journalism. They invert the meaning of everything so that freedom means slavery. Queen Elizabeth and the Priory of Sion are responsible for learning how to cast these spells. Be very responsible in your use of this language- they determine the real meaning of words by way of ritual whether you like it or not.

Don’t give up! It really is possible and it is very obviously happening. It’s of the utmost importance that we prepare for what is to come. The world is changing rapidly. Observe your tendancy to jump to conclusions without fully observing the facts. Pray to Jesus and use all of their weapons against them. Anything external (including Q) is not true but the only way out of the matrix is through it.

They are going down and their false narrative can’t really skew the reality of things for much longer.

Q is only a stepping stone into what is essentially a process of learning to think for yourself. Most of us have become numb to what is going on in the world around us because it is so utterly chaotic. However, Q is responsible for the turn in events recently, which you may not have even noticed!

Look for yourself:

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Miniscule snippets of recent events:

  • 1700 pedo’s arrested in three months under Operation Broken Heart. BOOM!
  • Angela Merkel vibrates and shakes uncontrolably. PANIC! Patriots Are Now In Charge.
  • UK Government caught hiding the discovery an Iranian bomb factory in London so as not to jeapordise Obama’s Iran deal. Just after Donald Trump’s visit.
  • 8 hour power outage in Nazi infiltrated Paraguay, Brazil etc. due to a surgical strike by Q.
  • Pinterest employee exposes them for having an anti-life agenda¬† by cencoring a pro-life voice opposing a law killing 3rd term babies who go through excruciating pain so that everything down to the foetal cells are sold and used as flavouring in a wide variety of products like Pepsi.
  • Pope wants to change the Lord’s prayer from “lead us not into temptation” to “let us not fall into temptation”. This is because THEY know their crimes are slowly getting revealed to the public. They’re trying to steer the narrative to make it look as though it is God who did wrong in letting them fall. Incorrect. They really thought that satan was going to come to their rescue and defeat God, but it was God who created temptation and will lead you away from it through faith in Christ. Define Purgatory.

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