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The aim of this section of the website is to organise quality conscious content into one place and simplify the process of finding relevant information connected to your area of interest.

This section is open-source and is comparable to wikipedia, but will contain only information that is intentionally made difficult for us to discover. This section relies on the continued contribution of all of us and I hope we can grow this area together as I feel it is something we will all benefit from. The WHOLE FORUM is a more conversational approach to the same topics.

Here are some excellent up-to-date articles that I feel accurately sum up the geopolitical situation of the world right now. Despite endless bouts of optimism followed by prolonged waves of bleakness; the times actually are a’changing and the bad guys actually are finally getting purged and forcefully removed from their positions of power. It may only be a matter of weeks until we see the likes of Hillary Clinton getting arrested as Donald Trump gears up to drop truth bombs onto the masses that will change life as we all know it. Advanced technology that has been hidden from us will finally be available for use and we can start to use that tech for the good of humanity.

Check out the following links for an up-to-date summary of what is really going on behind the scenes:

One week until deep state DEATH BLOW

David Wilcock- Q Anon Discloses Secret Space Program

I personally feel that ‘The Enlightenment Trilogy’ by Jed McKenna contains everything that you need to know in order to take the first step towards waking up. It can help you dismantle your belief systems rather than adding new ones; not an easy thing to do because nothing lies at the end of it. We came from nothing and leave with nothing. We all have an empty black hole residing within us and our darkest and loneliest moments in life are actually our most honest. Most people are desperate to create drama in their lives in order to maintain their own personal story. That is fear at work and is not true.

You must dive deep into the depth of yourself and become aware of these thought patterns and connecting emotions, acknowledge them as illusory, and let them go. To get to the truth we must gradually cut away at all untruth in our lives. This is not an enjoyable process. The price of enlightenment is everything as you slowly detach your emotions from things that reside in the outside world. No longer do you perceive things as good or bad, only one whole.

For those of you who aren’t daunted by the sound of not actually existing here is a link to buy the first book from Jed’s trilogy:

Jed McKenna: Spiritual Enlightenment

There are certain things e.g. 9/11 that, when looked into, are undeniable. However, investing your emotion and perceiving these things as right or wrong is what fuels the dream state and keeps it alive.  A false sense of self playing make-believe and letting their role consume them. An actor who genuinely hates ‘the bad guy’. Your ego is the actor; the mask you wear to interact with other actors. You are the awareness behind the mask. In other words, you are the audience member watching the whole thing play out in endless intrigue.

Entertaining more outlandish belief systems outside of the boring ones that the system tells us to believe can only be a be a good thing and you can have a lot of fun playing with these wild and wonderful concepts. Just remember that life is but a dream and therefore is not to be taken too seriously.