Ascend up The Rabbit WHOLE

I am going to link you up to two tremendous resources. One being Q, which can help you to innerstand real world events and to come to know that the system that governs us is being cleaned from within. Donald Trump may have a massive ego, but is most certainly not somebody who engages in child sacrifice, and, as a result, is paving the way for public disclosure of these heartbreaking crimes.

Q contains all of the nitty gritty, heavy data points that is a way of the low-vibratory 3D world of politics etc. to resolve itself. It is not necessary to dive into such matters, but I found that it satisfied a need for my mind to know about the real situation and how exactly the system was rigged and who was responsible. Ultimately- all the answers reside within and our focus needs to be on cleaning up our thoughts and actions solely via awareness.

“When I was clever, I wanted to change the world. When I became wise I wanted to change myself” – Rumi

The other resource is a man by the name of Sevan Bomar who has cracked the code to the English language. He traces words back to their roots and helps you to establish an innerstanding of how EVIL has been hidder under a VEIL by demonising and inverting the true meaning of the symbols that make up our reality; From the stars to what is inside of us!

Take our brains for example:

Do you see young RAM? Keep looking… It’s worth it!

Your pineal gland also sits right on the forehead of this strong, horned microcosmic version of you; confirming once and for all that the truth really is inside of you! THEY invert the truth of everything and have made us associate horns with the devil, whereas now we can see it’s quite clearly the work of God. God is synonymous with truth so therefore… You are God!

We have ALL the power of the entire universe and it is literally inside of us and Sevan Bomar proves it!

Q, on the other hand is an military operation that is coming from the Donald Trump administration which enables regular Joe‘s to share research for free on a secure platform; taking the form of a forum. This research board, in which a user by the name of ‘Q’ posts, grants access to major Military Intel and points anons in the right direction to connect the dots for ourselves. This marks the transition from fake news to true, independent journalism, through which we are learning the sickening truth of how some of the world’s most famous and powerful people have been sacrificing children, worshipping the devil, and, through symbols and language, inverting every aspect of our reality.

* Memes cannot be understood by AI and therefore can be shared mainstream without being censored*

This complex platform feeds the public arena; particularly twitter. (Q uses key words and timestamps to prove that it connects to Trump’s Twitter… All the typos that Liberal loons use to suggest that Trump is incompetent are all purposely done to communicate covertly with anons).

Q is responsible for the world now finding about the arrest of billionaire Israele Mossad asset Jeffrey Epstein (1st Military Tribunal- Outside of Civic Law- Hence the ‘state of emergency’ giving way to martial law) and his island, which was frequented by the likes of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton. This pave the way for the disclosure of the crimes committed by those who operate out of Israel (excluding the Hebrews or Christian Jews).

Fake News (CNN, BBC etc.) are all provided with the same narrative. Social media giants all use the same single censorship program. This is how they give power to words like ‘anti-semitism’ and take away the power of words like ‘consciousness’.

The baddies really are going down and their false narrative can’t really skew the reality of things for much longer.

They have inverted the meaning of everything so that even the word freedom means slavery. (Free=Freya=Venus=Sacred Feminine & Dom=Dome/Dominate). To dominate the sacred feminine.

Queen Elizabeth and the Priory of Sion are responsible for learning how to cast these SPELLS. The Fuckers.

Be responsible in your use of this language!

Don’t give up! It is very obviously habbening. RIGHT NOW! We must prepare for what is to come. The world is changing rapidly. Observe your tendancy to jump to conclusions without fully observing the facts. Pray to YHWH/your Higher Self/Yeshua/Christ for your ancestors, the good guys and for your self.

Q is only a stepping stone into what is essentially a process of learning to think for yourself. Most of us have become numb to what is going on in the world around us because it is so utterly chaotic. However, Q is responsible for the turn in events recently, which you may not have even noticed!

Look for yourself:

The Research Board on which Q posts

QMap which maps out the situation

More links & videos on the WHOLE Forum: Join the discussion!

Miniscule snippets of recent events:

  • 1700 pedo’s arrested in three months under Operation Broken Heart. BOOM!
  • Angela Merkel vibrates and shakes uncontrolably. PANIC! Patriots Are Now In Charge.
  • UK Government caught hiding the discovery an Iranian bomb factory in London so as not to jeapordise Obama’s Iran deal. Just after Donald Trump’s visit.
  • 8 hour power outage in Nazi infiltrated Paraguay, Brazil etc. due to a surgical strike by Q.
  • Pinterest employee exposes them for having an anti-life agenda¬† by cencoring a pro-life voice opposing a law killing 3rd term babies who go through excruciating pain so that everything down to the foetal cells are sold and used as flavouring in a wide variety of products like Pepsi.
  • Pope wants to change the Lord’s prayer from “lead us not into temptation” to “let us not fall into temptation”. This is because THEY know their crimes are slowly getting revealed to the public. They’re trying to steer the narrative to make it look as though it is God who did wrong in letting them fall. Incorrect. They really thought that satan was going to come to their rescue and defeat God, but it was God who created temptation and will lead you away from it through faith in Christ. Define Purgatory.