THE WHOLE is a Sauna-on-Wheels and Hot Shower based in Glastonbury and available to hire for UK Festivals.

Bringing with it an unusual sense of splendour and vigour; this is the place to go to peacefully detoxify your mind, body, and spirit. It’s the healthiest thing you can do without doing anything at all! It’s dry, wood-fired and very spacious!

Enter into a space where you can feel comfortable in your own skin; boldly stating your vulnerability, as you finally feel safe to strip off in a country in which we are heavily conditioned to feel ashamed to do so.

-Embrace your natural sexiness in a safe space

-Explore your I AM presence.


Providing the grounds for a social space that is quite the opposite of hazardous to the health; a real rarity in this dirty ol’ day and age. Except for the unexpected; you can expect all round excellent vibrations, sexual respect, no regrets, scenes you won’t forget, and courgettes!

Fully equipped with a plunge pool, sound system, healthy things, ‘n’ jammin’; jam-packed with transformative knowledge.

-Heal Thyself-

-Massage with WHOLE CBD Oil

-Hot yoga and Qigong


-The world’s finest plant medicines



-UK (March – July)

-Europe (July+)


Want us to visit your festival, venue or home?

Want to join the whole?