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Liam McGenity

Donald Trump (POTUS), the US Military and an army of people just like you and me AKA “Anons” are working together to destroy the deep state and dismantle their power structures on the ground level and in the cloud. The deep state is a combination of satan-worshipping cults and self-serving entities that have infiltrated every layer of our existence for as far back as we can remember. They offer the blood of the human to an external intelligence in exchange for the ability to hack the human mind. They keep power within their families but rely on the adrenochrome produced by the low-vibratory human in order to survive. They are unimaginably vile and sick.

Finally, they are done for, and we are free.

Introducing Q:

(Trump played the following video to Kim Jong Un after freeing North Korea from the tryanny the CIA who were using NK as a nuclear weapon. They sent pallets of cash to Iran- subsided by EU trade opportunities- in exchange for Uranium).

Q can be best understood using the following two websites:

Live posts containing true information & ‘prophecies’:

Further explanation to individual posts, code words, key themes and players:

I urge you to set aside a lot of time to research this thoroughly. It’s the real deal folks. It contains all the logical dots you need to get your mind on-board. Your heart will follow in an explosion of passionate rage.

For four years I have looked on in distant amazement at how down-trodden, pessimistic, and beaten, we, as a people, have become. I have been desparate to see some tangible change in the world from the moment I became conscious of my unconsciousnes. Fear has seperated me from my fellow man for what has seemed like an eternity as I boldly stepped into the truth of who I am; resulting in resistance & ridicule every step of the way. You can’t hide in the shadows any more. You are forgiven. You must forgive yourself. You were up against the greatest evil the world has ever seen.

Only one week remains.

I’m not exaclty sure what to expect but I know it’s ‘that future point in time’ that I have been monomanaically obsessing over for so long. The Mother Of All Bombs.

Latecomers to the Warriors of Light will be embraced with open arms.

Traitors will be exterminated.

We’ve been lied to about everything since birth and these inbreeders, have given us nothing but disease, perpetual warfare, and a false narrative:

+++ House of Saud (now under control of WE, the people)

++ Rothschilds (to be exterminated)

+ George Soros (to be exterminated)

Thousands of formally powerful benders of the truth are being relieved of their duties in the political, religious and financial triad.

The faces of dirty politicians are finally expressing their true feelings of terror as their imminent extermination dawns upon them.

Previously enslaved “dictators” look kind-of adorable all of a sudden.

We don’t need to be afraid any more. We’ve already won.

Crystally clear, I visualise victory for all the brave people who fight against oppression & evil with everything they’ve got and combine that with

Video explaining the big picture and how the deep state operates through mainstream media to big pharm:

Video Proving that Q = Trump.

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