Brand DING! Consultancy by Liam McG




Is your brand in need of a bit of pazazz?

With Brand DING! Thinking inside of the box isn’t even an option.

Look no further for extremely fresh & original ideas for any organisation looking to tap into a sacred & creative resource.

I’m Liam and I graduated with a FIRST-Class Degree (BBA Hons) in Business Management from Lancaster University. I’m excited to offer my top-notch linguistic and visionary skills to you in a slick package that is guaranteed to take your business to the next level.

You will receive.

  • 1 Hour One-on-One downloadable Video Session, or
  • 1 Hour Meetup in the flesh in Glastonbury, Somerset.

In the session we will go into depth about the spirit of your organisation and what your objectives are. We will generate ideas that will communicate clearly to your supporters and, through skilful use of the language, we will create an incredibly simple and poetic face for your organisation. This new identity will accurately reflect your true intentions and will empower you to sprinkle your supporters with love from above.

Book your session today!

Check out the first Brand DING! project for our friend Salah who is offering pyramids to be used to aescetically bolster your garden and provide a structure that will help your garden grow.


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