The energies are now building up for the next cosmic portal date which is the 22nd of July 2020 all around the world many awakend starseeds will be Gathering to celebrate the feast day of one of the brightest Queen’s in heaven Mary Magdalene on this date we are being called to come together at 2020 pm uk time in order to unify our powerful intentions to work with. heal and address the mother wound within all of us.

Each of us has incarnated into a profoundly corrupted and manipulated realm that has sought to keep everybody spiritually comatosed, this has affected all of our mothers, so we will be working with activating a master healing code for all of our mothers and the Divine mother within each of us.

In this transmission we will also be resitting the paradigm which currently allows children to be stolen from the foster care system we will be working with the galactic Federation of Light to remove all of these arconic fractions- to be replaced by the enlightened divine mother codes, insuring that all children in the foster care system receives the highest vibration of mother care and love in this universe.

we will also be activating and empowering the flame of the sacred Magdalene to burn brightly in all of us reigniting the role and significance of the Divine feminine in these times of planetary transformation-reigniting her true original role as queen of the universe.


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