6.6 Tesla Tech Transmission Video



The 6:6 Tesla tech transmission will take place on the 6th of June at 20:20 p.m. UK time. Donating to this will give you access to a private stream of the transmission.

In this transmission, we are being guided to assist predominantly the Pleiadian council of light who need the permission and support of us the ground crew to transform all electrical pylons and 4g and 5g Towers into Tesla generators in order to provide the collective with free energy which will free us all upon such a profound level and enable us to live the life that our creator intended for us.

We will be working with the higher self of Nikola Tesla and his Venesian allies to accelerate the timeline whereby humanity Rises as a collective out of the illusion of the control of the deep state and whereby we have attained a level of spiritual maturity to be able to work with Tesla tech which includes interdimensional portal travel, replicators, Looking Glass technology, as well as med beds and other extremely powerful off-planet healing technology.

We are being asked to come together in our soul groups in order to collectively visualise and thus anchor this timeline swiftly for the Collective that we may efficiently move out of this lower-dimensional deep state lockdown agenda.

This transmission will take place in a private group on Facebook when you sign up you will receive a PDF with instructions to add yourself to the group I will go live in the group at the time stated above 20:20 p.m. on the 6th of June 2020 the transmission is just as powerful to tune in after the live event and I am happy to send you the recording if you request it upon booking

this powerful and sacred work is offered on an energetic basis


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