Zero Point Activation

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The zero point activation is extremely potent as it seals the higher dimensional entwinement of you and your beloved twin flame, and reactivates the union codes that they may anchor swiftly and coherently into the third dimensional field.

This is an extremely important activation for illumined twin flames as the activation of the higher dimensional union creates a purification portal whereby the dross 3D ideas and concepts can be succinctly cleared from the physical emotional and cellular structure.

This is an extremely potent activation that fast tracks your ascension and your full union with your beloved twin flame through stimulating soul memories of your union, catalysing them to flood your 3D consciousness field.

This activation is extremely important for your beloved counterparts who very often, are swimming in a sea of profound disillusion and forgetfulness.

Meeting and merging with them in the Zero point field stimulates their soul codes to come online and nourishes them very deeply, which prepares them proficiently for union.

It is this meditation that has accelerated my own consciousness the most, and I wish to offer you this powerful and important tool for you and your beloveds divine union.

Please note a byproduct of this activation is that it works specifically with the kundalini to initiate the hieros games…. the inner alchemical marriage of divine masculine and feminine energies within you.


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