Yeshua & Magdalene Divine Union Template

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This powerful and sacred MP3 activates the sacred codes of your divine union into the 3rd dimensional matrix field. This MP3 assists you on a very deep level to become a conduit of the Yeshua and Magdalene divine union codes. This template was stolen from the Earth by the Church Fathers who sort to defile the role of the Divine feminine within the church, and this activation triumphantly returns this template back to its rightful place, Those who have completed this activation experience a deep soul memory realignment with this original divine union template which sends forth the calibrated codes of true twin flame union throughout all the physical and emotional systems. Please see feedback.

“Wow thank you Jen that was one of the deepest experiences of my life, I have always felt a connection with the Christ and Magdalene divine union codes and doing this activation confirmed this innate connection. Soul memories of this union flooded my consciousness and washed over me in waves of very deep emotions, and the most miraculous thing of all was that within 24 hours of completing this MP3 might beloved twin sent me a photograph of an illumined Christ, which deeply confirms that his soul was fully on board with the return of this divine union template. I cannot thank you enough for the work that you do for of us in the twin flame community I feel so blessed to have found you and have found these important and powerful MP3s.” Sarah Ellis


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