Violet Waterfall

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In this MP3 activation you will be guided on a journey to access the extremely healing and potent tool that is the Violet waterfall. The Violet waterfall frequency is a potent ascension ally that has been sent to us from the higher ascended masters, and this light dispensation is overseen by Saint Germain and his consort Lady Portia, Lord Merlin and his consort Lady Nada, and Archangel Michael and his consort lady faith. This activation is highly effective when done every day for at least 40 days and then when ever it is required. the Violet waterfall frequency activates a profound cleansing and removal of all old beliefs and programs from your energetic systems and is an extremely important light dispensation to be working with. Doing this MP3 Fast Tracks your spiritual evolution through the successful removal of old Programs that are no longer congruent with your higher Christed self. This MP3 cannot be recommended highly enough.


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