Self Worth Activation

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Many of us have been born into families and societies who do not recognise and acknowledge their own inherent divinity, and so in turn are completely unequipped to recognise the inherent divinity in us their offspring. This has created an internal belief system that is vastly unaligned with the truth of who we truly are. These false perceptions create deep roots in our belief system and cause all manner of problems such as illness and injury, and for successful twin flame union it is imperative that the original template of our true self worth be finally restored. This MP3 does exactly that. It reactivates the  ancient program of truth back into the consciousness software, which brings with it many many blessings, one of them being vibrational preparation to be with your beloved divine counterpart.

In this MP3 activation you will be guided on a deep soul journey and will be given access to powerful symbols that overwrite all of these limited beliefs you have held about yourself regarding your true self worth. this truly is a life changing MP3.


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