Meet the 5D aspect of your twin flame

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In this MP3 activation you will meet the 5D aspect of your beloved twin flame, this is an extremely important and powerful activation whether you have physically met your twin flame or not. The twin flame template is a higher frequency blueprint that forever is, on the higher dimensional realms of consciousness. Experiencing this meditation profoundly accelerates your physical union with your beloved twin flame, as the higher realms is the patterning for the 3D realm, therefore whatever takes place on the higher dimensions, must find its way into the third dimensional field of consciousness.

This MP3 is recommended for everyone on the twin flame divine union path whether you have physically met and united with your beloved twin flame or not. Please know there are many many who have not met their twin flame who have done this MP3 and have miraculously discovered the identity of their bona fide twin flame from this guided meditation, and this has gone on to activate a full ascension in their consciousness. This is an extremely powerful MP3 activation and is definitely one of the most important activations in the entire series….. When you meet the 5d aspect of your twin flame, you activate and turn on the soul codes that are lying dormant in their consciousness, and for many this can be the beginning of the spiritual awakening trajectory for your beloved twin flame. As with all these activations You are being guided to utilise extremely potent higher dimensional vibrational tools which bring about lasting transformation onto the 3rd dimensional field of consciousness…..


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