Catalyst Twin Clearing

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Each soul group is made up of 144 souls 72 masculine polarity and 72 feminine polarity, you and your vibrational counterpart stand opposite each other in your soul group, the being who stands next to your vibrational counterpart in the soul group is called the catalyst twin, or near twin. Many who encounter their near twin in this lifetime become extremely hooked on the idea that this is their genuine twin, and whilst this is occuring it is impossible for the genuine twin to enter the sacred stage of your life, therefore it is imperative that the cords to the catalyst twin twin are cut to ensure the triumphant reunion of the genuine twins.

In this mp3 you will be expertly guided to powerfully and gracefully cut the cords with your catalyst twin, and you will be introduced vibrationally to your genuine eternal divine counterpart. Many beloveds who do this mp3 experience profoundly miraculous shifts in their vibaration and timelines as a result of doing this activation.


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