Body Transmission

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Many of us have been fed very dark programmes about our physical body and we have been taught to be judgemental, critical and unaccepting of our physical selves. This MP3 activation deals specifically with this issue. In this activation you will be proficiently guided to implement brand-new programming into your consciousness software with regards to aligning your relationship to your physical body back with your original divine innocence codes. These are very important issues that stand in the way of your triumphant union with your beloved twin flame, for if these issues are left unaddressed and  unhealed, they gain momentum within the shadow aspect of your consciousness, and can be easily projected onto your twin when you come into physical contact.

There are many who have completed this MP3 activation who have reported experiencing huge shifts in this area. Issues that have been prevalent their whole life have been successfully cleared after working diligently with this MP3, and it cannot be recommended highly enough.


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