Abundance Activation

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In this MP3 you will be guided on an extremely powerful soul journey to retrieve lost aspects of your soul that have become identified with the consciousness of lack. This MP3 holds codes that communicate directly to the unconsciousness to overwrite all old previously held programs to do with the consciousness of lack. Many who start working with this MP3 on a regular basis have experienced up to an eight times times increase in their income, and this is due to the specific nature of the symbols that are used to bring about this profound transformation in one’s psyche. This is truly the fast track to aligning with the frequency of abundance that is your inherent birthright.

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“Since doing Jen’s abundance MP3 I have experienced a five times increase in my income, not only am I in a whole new paradigm with my financial flow, this has reverberated into all aspects of my life, and more importantly, I am feeling an innate sense of my inherent worth which is something that I haven’t experienced before, and it is this which is truly priceless. I believe it is this new belief that is affecting my abundance levels.thank you Jen” Mary Gordonio


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