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We live in a time where the energetic intensity on each individual is increasing. As many begin to tune into their energetic and subtle bodies, unlocking their empathic and sensitive qualities, the intensity of the experience can at times become overwhelming.

Liberation is a creation which walks the talk in its ability to support individuals in the activation of the mind, body and the soul. It does this by purifying karmic imprints and removing stagnant emotional debris that we all carry.

Liberation is a product designed for anyone simply looking to be free from unconscious patterns, self-destroying habits and the clutter of conditioned responses that make up most of our days.

How exactly it does this is still not known, but it does appear to remove the impurities and the things that would make us sick from the water, and will work in the same way within our bodies. In addition to this it will aid us in remaining free from the shadow of the various electromagnetic fields that we are bombarded with, most importantly the ocean of wi-fi we all swim in.




At a time when the intensity of daily life and world events are at fever pitch and we need something to give us an edge, Liberation arrives. It is the tool that throws the junk memories off the ship so we ride high in the water and don’t get swamped by the wave of dissolution as it sweeps over us. In fact, being lighter, it allows us to ride this wave wherever we wish to go.

I designed this substance specifically to deal with the bombardment of reality, the intensity of the experience at the moment, to allow me to do more than cope but to actually fully enjoy the experience and still pay the bills.

The remedy helps us to deal with the conceptual, spiritual, karmic, environmental and existential issues we all face because it lightens our load. When we are carrying less weight we have greater internal resources at our disposal to use for whatever it is we wish to do.

This substance will give you the breathing space and equilibrium to deal with things while shielding you from some of the more extreme environmental fluctuations we face on a daily basis. It also flushes residual memories from the body which brings to light experiences long forgotten that have been sitting in the subconscious and the cellular memory.

Liberation helps us to resolve the incomplete business of reality and what-if scenarios that we have buried in the past and are therefore unfinished in memory. Liberation also deals with the memories we would normally only deal with as we die when we are forced to deal with our whole lives in a giant flash, most likely in a state of fear.

With Liberation we get to methodically work through the mass of our own accumulated memory in our own time and at a pace of our choosing.

If we do this process in advance we may rise above and ride the wave of dissolution that is already upon us, otherwise we will definitely be swept under by the weight of our collective memories.

This remedy uncouples the memories stored in our bodies from the emotions that lock them there so we feel them once again in a flash and then they are free to exit the body. This leaves us stronger and more grounded since that which was bound is bound no more, and the energy that was being used to hold that memory, and the energy of the memory itself, is now free for us to use elsewhere.

This translates into greater focus, less energy loss and greater openness as we are not guarding the wounds anymore, and this allows us to be the person we truly want to be and are – not the person who has been hiding under the covers from all their wounding.

When the boat is taking on water we need to get rid of as much extra baggage as we can in order to weather the storm. Also so that afterwards we may float lightly in the water and ride the waves with ease. This is exactly what Liberation does.

If there was ever a time to give yourself an edge in the face of the coming storm, it is now, and this is it.




Before we start, I would like to explain that I have found a way to amplify, enhance and generally improve the strength of substances. This process is new to the world but allows us to work much more deeply than before.


The first ingredient in Liberation is this enhanced and layered version of Navaratna, which is made from nine gems, each of which is burnt a hundred times in order to bring out their deeper powers. This formulation was originally made in India by Nagarjuna, an enlightened Buddhist alchemist in the third century, and was specifically designed to flush karma from the body. It takes a year to make a batch of this as they have to burn and reburn each of the substances separately and then combine them into this formulation.

When I amplified this substance even further, I found that it goes back to unfinished events in one’s past and plays the outcome out as dreams where you see what would have happened if you had married that girl when you were 20, for example, or if you had left the country, or if you had not had that accident…

All of these states represent the ‘what if’ scenarios, which we often can’t let go of and which we ponder
endlessly. If left unresolved, these ‘what ifs’ sit and fester in us, tying up energy until they are seen, brought to completion and then let go of.

Since these events did not occur, the unfinished story takes up space in our cells, a story that can never be laid to rest – unless we see it in its entirety in a dream or in a full body waking memory of that event. Then it can fall away for better or worse, and we can make peace with it as we have seen the outcome. The poisoned dart that has been sitting in our flesh can be pulled out to free up space and energy for new outcomes and fresh storylines in the present. The snake eats its tail and then the story falls away.

Now, I would argue that a lot of our karma is bound up in this and we only need to repeat lessons if we have not gone through them and resolved them.
This particular format of the Navaratna affords us the ability to finally put things to rest, often things long forgotten by the conscious mind but buried deep in the body memory and frozen in time.

Somehow this amplified version of Navaratna is able to go back to those frozen states and put them into motion. This allows them to come to completion through dreams and then fall away as they have literally been experienced in the body, not just as an idea. I have seen this in action a number of times in myself and in others and it astounds me each time I see it work.


The next ingredient, also a strong version of the original, is Shungite which is used traditionally to shield things from electromagnetic fields.

It is also used as a substance which purifies water, which is of particular interest to us as we are made primarily from water. It will clean and filter the water in us so that we can run smoother and cleaner.


The next ingredient is called Panch Agni and is made from the ash of four fires that have been burning continuously for the last 50 years. I have made this remedy up into a strong version that is more potent than the original. Panch means ‘five’ and the fifth fire is the sun.

In the middle of these four fires there has been someone who has been continuously chanting a purification mantra. Now, it is not one person – they take turns in the middle of the four fires, but the mantra has been going on unceasingly for the last 50 years as have the fires.

This remedy represents the burning up of the obscuring and binding emotions that we all face and is something very special and precious as it represents a distilled continuous focus and timeline of 50 years of a physical and spiritual practice.

This substance, when consumed, gives an incredible sense of our own lightness, as if our cells were being bubbled or boiled in light. It also has the added benefit of flushing residual grunge from the system as it truly embodies the phoenix rising from the ashes, purified of its past patterning..


The final main ingredient is also from a mantra, the Kunjika mantra, and for me this represents the right mood of the moment, of transforming whatever is in our path with the attitude of taking no nonsense from the world. Kunjika is aligned to Durga, the aspect of Kali that rides the tiger and goes out into the world punishing those who misbehave.

My experience with this remedy is that it just clears the path before one; things that normally would be an obstruction or a problem just melt away and one becomes quite resolute in one’s actions. It’s as though people sense one’s no-nonsense attitude and so don’t hassle or challenge you, which just makes everything much easier.

Now when all of these things are taken together as one substance it gives one the mood of lightness, which is simultaneously empowered and protected, while ones old memories are dealt with effortlessly and shed in ones dreams or in waking life.


The foundation of Liberation, the pedestal upon which it sits if you like, is an amplified combination of royal jelly, the light of Jupiter (which is all about expansion), the flower of the Protea plant and the Reishi mushroom, which bind the main forces together into a smooth whole. This combination of base remedies and substances generates a calm, relaxed mood from which to process one’s accumulated memories

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    gives you mad dreams which bring clarity to your damaging behavioural patterns

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