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This song is a big one and marks my triumphant return to the big stage after a few years’ hiatus and awakening.

After touring the U.S. with members of The Wailers I returned back to the UK where I was forced to reassess things with regards to how I would make a humongous impact on the world with my music without having to answer to “The (ominous) Man”.

For this daring expedition it was apparent that I would need a pseudonym so I am now YESHi! Yes, I am still L.I.Am but I am also YESHi! Got it? Good!

I wanted to provide solid and factual truth to the people using music to make intellectual learning more accessible and less strenuous for everyone. Mainstream music is confused and often negates itself into nothingness due to its overwhelming use of double speak so I created EKPYROSIS as an antidote to this madness!

Recorded in 432Hz; Ekpyrosis Is a story of how 12th dimensional, conscious entities known as Blue Spheres are managing plasmic balls that are being emitted by our great sun.


“Ectopyrosis; it’s a process with the most mind-blowing hostess. Blue Spheres restrict her doses. You’re under hypnosis!”


I melodically describe how the deep state have plans to depart the earth when the solar flash hits and escape to a breakaway civilisation on Mars. I also clarify why this simply isn’t going to work!


“So why they trying to take over Mars? It’s because they’re all nervous. They’re tryna escape earths’ surface!”


For several months now, our collective awareness has been focused upon the mysterious ‘Corona’; the outermost layer of the sun. We are now ready, as a people, to learn more about the sun and how it is undergoing a tremendous change. This song helps us to reintegrate our innate understanding of technical terms such as these and how the inevitable transformation of the sun leads to an inevitable transformation in our consciousness. These terms have been written about in ancient Vedic and Zoroastrian philosophy, and, the topic as a whole is clearly alluded to in every single religion in fact, and humanity must be prepared for what is to come. Ekpyrosis is a fancy word for a solar flash which leads to a pole shift of the earth.

The subject matter is almost intangible. Everything about Ekpyrosis oozes plasma balls of awesomeness and this song is seriously gonna make it BIG! There’s no doubt about it!

Just like the solar flash itself; It’s gonna come… It’s got to come!


Pre-order now to receive an exclusive download link as soon as Ekpyrosis is released!!!


Doing this will allow you to listen to the song at least 1 week before anyone else and will therefore make you much cooler than them!


ETA for Pre-Orders: 31st August 2020.


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