High vibratory, conscious content in the form of a forum, truth, music, events, and things, to assist you in opting out of matrix ultra!


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THE WHOLE is a portable Sauna & Shower for festivals, venues and homes.


LATENT | TALENT is a story.

Our Team

Liam McGenity

The Creator

Music-man, researcher and all-round truth enthusiast. A wacky guy who emits excellent vibrations on a regular basis. Highly qualified, well travelled and the recipient of innumerable synchronicities.

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Guru Gaz

The Guru

If this fella hadn't already transcended space and time, he'd be referred to as the man of the hour. And justifiably so. He also has a supernatural ability to pull together suppressed knowledge and paint a clear picture of what is actually going on in the world. His practical and grounded approach to the truth will provide you with the answers you need as you continue your descent down The Rabbit WHOLE.